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Potato Baby's Journal

Sunday, May 29, 2005


pass the potato

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Monday, February 7, 2005

12:27PM - Visit sully the love spud


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Monday, November 19, 2001


Potato baby made me do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Current mood: confused

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Monday, June 11, 2001

3:30PM - Woo!

I'm currently working on the action scene of Potato Baby 1. Can't wait until you all can see it!

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Friday, June 8, 2001

7:34PM - Ack!

So I forgot to send the flash file back to myself from work. This means that production won't be finished for our low-budget extravaganza for another few days.

This also means I have more time to figure out a script, hehe.

At any rate... potato baby, we love you!

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Thursday, June 7, 2001

11:02PM - it has been decided...

potato baby is a BOY with a BONNET!

the transcript:

Bad Granola: yes?
Melopene: there you are!
Melopene: hehe
Melopene: we have to make the script for potato baby
Bad Granola: oooooooh
Melopene: everything else is done
Bad Granola: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Bad Granola: i gotta go bed soon
Melopene: no!
Bad Granola: i gotta get jessup
Bad Granola: at 8 am
Melopene: you must write potato baby!
Melopene: hehe
Melopene: so tell me this
Melopene: 1. how does the kiwi get the children
Melopene: 2.
Melopene: how does potato baby get involved
Melopene: 3. how does he defeat the kiwi?
Bad Granola: ok
Melopene: heheeee
Bad Granola: he gets the children by luring them to his lair
Bad Granola: with cupcakes
Bad Granola: potato baby gets involved because they are his friends and he wants to play hop scotch with them but when he goes to look for them, they are gone
Bad Granola: and kiwi is his nemesis
Bad Granola: he defeats kiwi by releasing fruit flies
Melopene: he lures fruit with cupcakes?
Bad Granola: yes
Melopene: ohhhh, a playground
Melopene: hmmmm
Bad Granola: yes
Bad Granola: wait
Bad Granola: i was gonna say no fruit flies
Bad Granola: but
Bad Granola: then i decided it doesnt have t omake sense
Bad Granola: cos for christ sake its a talkin potato baby
Bad Granola: in a bonnet
Melopene: i cant figure out how to make the bonnet
Melopene: and i think maybe it could be a genderless potato baby?
Bad Granola: ummmm hmmmm
Bad Granola: nononoo
Bad Granola: no genderless
Melopene: lol
Melopene: is it a girl?
Bad Granola: potato baby needs a bonnet
Bad Granola: no
Melopene: hehe
Bad Granola: a boy
Melopene: ill try
Bad Granola: in a bonnet
Melopene: it is?
Bad Granola: yes
Bad Granola: a blue bonnet
Bad Granola: like the butter
Melopene: heheeeee
Melopene: ok
Melopene: i will see what I can do
Melopene: does potato baby ALWAYS wear the bonnet?
Bad Granola: yes
Bad Granola: except for in pron
Melopene: hehee OH! caped kiwi has a red top hat too
Melopene: oh
Bad Granola: yes
Bad Granola: lol
Melopene: well in pron we'll do somethin different
Melopene: heheeee
Bad Granola: in pron
Bad Granola: he will wear sunglasses
Melopene: pr0n!
Melopene: hahahaaaa!!!!!
Melopene: except when someone uses potato baby as... you know.
Bad Granola: ;-)
Bad Granola: hehehehe
Melopene: hmm
Melopene: i will probably finish this tonight or tomorrow

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10:46PM - progress!

So I think the caped kiwi wants to make a smoothie.

1. How does he kidnap the kids?
2. How does potato baby get involved?
3. Does anyone care? *sob*

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I've finished the characters for the potatobaby movie...

... now! we must write a script!

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Hello, my name is nefarious. I will be participating in the pr0n edition of the soon-to-be classic potato baby movie.

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Potato baby made me do it!!!!!!!!

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So I'm going to make a potato baby movie... in flash, no doubt.

More to come :)

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